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  Today, the prosthetic and orthotic industry is as competitive as ever. With lower reimbursement levels, a facility has no other alternative but to operate more efficiently than ever before. There is no room for mistakes and total automation is imperative for survival. Throughout the course of the year, work volume varies and extra overhead may mean the difference between a profitable or non-profitable year.

BioSculptor® Fabrication has your total solution. BioSculptor® Fabrication is a division of BioSculptor Corporation and is dedicated to providing the practitioner with quality services at a quality price. BioSculptor® Fabrication can complete the entire job, from initial model to final product. Let the clinical expertise at Arthur Finniestion Clinic professionally create a prosthesis or orthosis to your specifications by a certified prosthetist or orthotist. By utilizing the BioSculptor CAD/CAM system and automated manufacturing and assembly solutions, the results are consistent and reproducible. Therefore, the customer has the comfort of always knowing a high quality product will be delivered every time.