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  We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves to the orthotic and prosthetic industry. BioSculptor® Fabrication was created to provide practitioners with a wide range of services designed to alleviate the work load. Whether it is the imaging of a negative wrap (cast), the modification of a model by a certified prosthetist or orthotist using BioSculptor software, the milling of a model or the fabrication of a device, BioSculptor® Fabrication can do a quality job at a competitive price.

One of the more unique services BioSculptor® Fabrication offers is the Designer SeriesTM. The practitioner need only take an impression and a series of measurements from the patient. (A plaster wrap is preferred, but other materials may be substituted. Consult BioSculptor® Fabrication for more details.) The negative wrap, measurement form, and fabrication form are sent to BioSculptor® Fabrication where the model is imaged. It is then modified by a BioSculptor trained certified prosthetist or orthotist. (The modification techniques employed have been developed through combined research between BioSculptor and the Arthur Finnieston Clinic.) The modified model is milled, and the appropriate device fabricated. Within three days of receipt of the cast, the fabricated device is on its way back to you. (Note: The turnaround time may be slightly longer with special order items, such as custom made silicone liners.) In a sense, the Designer Series™ allows you to rent a certified prosthetist or orthotist, a BioSculptor system, and an experienced technician for a short period of time.

BioSculptor® Fabrication offers a similar service to the Designer Series™, in which the customer can employ his/her own modification techniques rather than those provided by BioSculptor® Fabrication. This service dictates that the customer come to Coral Gables for a one-day course to create customized templates by which to modify future models. From that day forward, the customer need only specify the template package to use for the model being sent. Upon receipt of the model, BioSculptor® Fabrication will image the model, apply the templates, mill the model, and fabricate the appropriate device.

Another service which BioSculptor® Fabrication provides is designed to be employed for cases in which a cast could not be taken. All that it required is a complete series of measurements. Upon opening an account with us, each customer may opt to send us a series of previously modified models from his/her own facility. The models can be sent as negative wraps, sockets, orthoses or even positive models, and should be labeled by the facility in accordance with any telltale characteristics (i.e. pediatric TLSO or bony AK). This will aid both the archiving and selecting processes. Once measurements of the new patient are taken, the customer can select the appropriate socket or orthosis design from his/her archived models or from a series of archived models which have been modified according to BioSculptor® Fabrication specifications. The selected model is renamed and the measurements are applied with BioSculptor software. The model is milled and the appropriate device fabricated. Note: We recommend that customers refrain from using this service with below knee prosthetic models because of all the variations in anatomy.

Another service which BioSculptor® Fabrication is offering is a complete central fabrication facility. Custom work is performed at a competitive price with rapid turnaround. Let our experienced technicians do some of the work for you.

Several safeguards are provided for models which have been modified at BioSculptor® Fabrication (This section does not apply to customers who are only using the central fabrication service.) On occasion, trimlines may be left slightly long to reduce the chance of error. For prosthetic devices, BioSculptor® Fabrication strongly recommends that all initial sockets be fabricated of diaclear (PETG), with a void built into the distal end. Since the first socket is generally used as a diagnostic socket, total contact can be established at the time of fitting by injecting silicone or alginate into the distal end. BioSculptor® Fabrication will not guarantee the fit of the distal end if a buildup is not added. The fit of any device is subject to slight modification. For that reason, BioSculptor® Fabrication supplies the customer with the modified model for all prosthetic devices. (Some modifications are more easily made by altering the model, heating the affected portion of the socket, placing the socket back on the model, and reforming the area.) Orthotic models are supplied only upon request, due to the fact that modifications tend to be more straightforward. This is also done to reduce shipping charges.

We would like to thank you in advance for your interest in BioSculptor® Fabrication and look forward to doing business with you.