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CAMFoam™ is one of the newest technologies developed by BioSculptor® to enhance and simplify your production. We guarantee uniform, fine cell structure that makes carving fast and smooth, requiring less mold preparation. At our in-house plant, we use a proprietary process and a unique formula to produce the highest quality foam blanks available at the lowest price. By manufacturing CAMFoam™ blanks on-site, we are able to pass the savings on to you.

We carry an extensive variety of common shapes, and can provide custom shapes and molds to your specifications. We offer blanks with two fixturing options, these options satisfy all carvers in the industry. Even if you are not using CAD/CAM, you can still benefit from CAMFoam™. We can also provide you with the raw material and mixing accessories, enabling you to produce light weight, positive models from negative plaster casts. Our ability to mass produce and deliver quickly without compromising quality, enables us to consistently provide the highest quality, lowest priced foam available. We offer volume discounts.

CAMFoam™ can also outfit your facility with almost anything. We can provide you with work mandrels for secondary modifications. We also carry vacuum forming fixturing for orthotic fabrication, stockinettes and latex sleeves for prosthetic fabrication, and also plug extracting tools. If you need something specific, contact us, if we don't carry it, we'll get it for you.

We will retrofit your current mill FREE of charge,
so you can start working with CAMFoam™,
the finest, lowest cost foam available today.

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