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AFO Gel Kit

Mineral oil based gel pads allow you to pad bony prominences, create accurate reliefs and avoid any possible impingement within Orthosis or Prosthesis. Gel pads are best used in conjunction with AFO Scanning Sock.

AFO Scanning Sock

Engineered specifically for scanning, the AFO sock is knit from a high threadcount bright white Coolmax material. The color and threadcount reflect light for a consistent scan. It provides mild compression to effectively compress the tissue and create a uniform scanning surface.

AFO Scanning TAble

Comes with three different sized acrylic lasting boards to accommodate standard footwear styles: Sport - Dress - Low Heel. Allows you to scan the plantar and dorsal surfaces of the foot. Made out of wood and painted black so it will not interfere with BioScanner™

AFO Vacuum Box

Weight Bearing Vacuum Box permits any weight bearing scan such as AFOs, Foot Orthotics and Custom Shoes. Vacuum box is used when the most accurate scans are needed, as it allows you to preposition hind and forefoot via the vacuum. Shape is held and then you scan. PVC extension holds transmitter (not shown). Comes with Vaccum tray, bag that holds vacuum pump, and PVC extension.