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BioSculptor is a technology company that designs, manufactures and sells innovative solutions for Orthopedic, Podiatric and P&O practices.

The ability to rapidly cut intricate shapes while preserving minute details is truly the differentiating factor for the BioMill 4.5XF. Imagine the ability to direct cut the final surface in a single pass without a rough cut. Sharp angles, deep invaginations, pediatric shapes and trimlines are not a problem. And, the mill does not have to slow down to accommodate higher density foam or deeper cuts. Plus, you have the ability to remill a specified section of the foam model. Cut TT, TF, TR, TH, TLSO, KAFO, AFO, pediatric shapes, cranial helmets, face masks and foot orthotics.

Today’s new scanning devices maintain an absolute accuracy as good as 0.178mm. However, without a mill and foam that can handle the scanner’s precision, the accuracy is lost and wasted. The BioMill 4.5XF assures precision and speed because of its three unique features: four and a half axes, a high speed spindle and a custom 1/2″ cutting tool.

Four axes permit the mill to cut up/down, in/out and from side to side while the model rotates. The half axis allows you to manually position the cutting tool 45° degrees up or down. This translates into incredible accuracy. These modular linear motion components also offer a more simplified maintenance.

The BioMill 4.5XF has virtually unlimited resolution and flexibility so you can use any size cutting tool. Because our standard cutting tool is 1/2″, smaller than the industry standard of 3/4″, we cut tight contours correctly. This means you cut exactly what you designed. And with advanced gouge protection, the BioMill 4.5XF won’t overcut the shape if the wrong cutting tool was chosen. It will stop if the tool is too large for the contours.

As for durability, the first BioMill has been actively in use since 1992. Because of its welded stress relieved frame and oversized components, it stays square and maintains accuracy after years of use. And it’s compact for a mill. It will fit through a standard door frame, yet is big enough to hold a foam plug dimensionally equal to a 55 gallon drum and full length leg. Within O&P, there is no mill that is faster, more accurate or more robust than the BioMill 4.5XF.


  • Mechanical Travel
    X-Axis: 16″ (0.41 m)
    Y-Axis: 22″ (0.56 m)
    Z-Axis: 42″ (1.07 m)
    A-Axis: +45 deg, 0 deg, -45 deg
  • Rapid Transverse Feedrate (limited by processor speed)
    X-Axis: 900 IPM
    Y-Axis: 900 IPM
    Z-Axis: 712 IPM
    T-Axis: 50 RPM
  • Resolution
    X-Axis: 0.0005″ (0.0125 mm)
    Y-Axis: 0.0005″ (0.0125 mm)
    Z-Axis: 0.0004″ (0.0111mm)
    T-Axis: 0.60 arc min (0.01 deg)
  • Positioning Repeatability
    X-Axis: &plusmm; 0.0042″ (&plusmm;0.107mm)
    Y-Axis: &plusmm; 0.0042″ (&plusmm;0.107mm)
    Z-Axis: &plusmm; 0.0041″ (&plusmm;0.103mm)
    T Axis: &plusmm; 0.40 arc min (&plusmm;0.0033 deg)
  • Physical Dimensions
    1800 lbs. (818.2 kg)
    76.0″” h x 34.0″ w x 62.0″ d (1.93m h x 0.86m w x 1.57m d)
    Add 14″ (0.35m) to height for vacuum pan.
    Allow 24″ (0.61m) of clearance around all sides of the machine for access.
    Allow 30″ (0.75m) of clearance behind the machine for access to electronics.
  • Electrical Spindle
    Motor: 3.25 HP
    Speeds: 10000, 13000, 16000, 19000, 21000 RPM
    Collet Sizes: 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″ split type
  • DC Brushless Servo Motors with external encoders Encoder resolution
    (all axes): 131,072 pulses/rev (17 bit)
    X-Axis: 538 oz in (3.8 Nm), 8192 counts/rev, &plusmm; 3 arc min (0.05 deg)
    Y-Axis: 538 oz in (3.8 Nm), 8192 counts/rev, &plusmm; 3 arc min (0.05 deg)
    Z-Axis: 269 oz in (1.9 Nm), 8192 counts/rev, &plusmm; 3 arc min (0.05 deg)
    T-Axis: 135 oz in (0.95 Nm), 8192 counts/rev, &plusmm; 3 arc min (0.05 deg)
    A-Axis: Manually Actuated
  • Power Requirements
    230 VAC 30A Single Phase, 7000 Watts Maximum
    Dedicated line back to circuit panel
  • Safety
    Supplementary breaker on all power systems
    Emergency stop switch on monitor arm
    Automatic door locks
    Spindle interlock cut-off between doors and frame
    Two limit switches and two mechanical