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BioSculptor is a technology company that designs, manufactures and sells innovative solutions for Orthopedic, Podiatric and P&O practices.

The BioShape Manipulation Software is the most powerful CAD software available for O&P. Designed by Prosthetists and Orthotists, it was developed specifically for the clinician.

With BioShape, you are able to modify upper and lower extremity prostheses, spinal orthoses, lower and upper extremity orthoses, pediatric shapes, cranial helmets, liners and face masks. It seamlessly integrates with all of the Biosculptor® products. There truly aren’t any limitations on what or how you can modify.

We really care about the details, particularly in keeping the accuracy of the BioScanner™. Therefore, we designed the system to ensure that imported scans would not lose any resolution.

We are also passionate about creating technology that you can use effectively. We view your success as our success. And because our sister O&P clinic uses BioShape daily, we actively work with them to consistently enhance the software. Our clients also offer us valuable feedback. We will never finish developing, and we’re proud of that.

Since our clinic is completely digital, utilizing the BioScanner™, BioShape and, we have technical and clinical support teams with extensive experience to assist you. If you find yourself challenged, trust us, we’ve already been there. We offer real clinical solutions and real clinical support.

For those new to CAD, we offer beginner tools and an extensive library of templates, regions and trimlines/brim designs. Create new models from measurements or from scratch. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you adapt.

Once comfortable with the beginner tools, you will truly appreciate all the advantages that our advanced tools offer. If you can do it in plaster, we have the tool in CAD. Plus, you can modify library models and save them as your own unique templates.

Since we are a truly open system, BioShape can translate AAOP+ files as well as standard engineering files to add flexibility to your practice. You are not locked in to using specific manufacturers. To simplify the process further, we have created a gateway called This website streamlines all of your fabrication needs. You can place all your orders in a single location and track their status online. Some call it peace of mind, we call it value added.

+ Nominal fee or Conversion license applies.


  • 1GHz (minimum), 2GHz recommended
  • 512MB RAM, minimum 1GHz recommended
  • Windows® XP